Decorate one-of-a-kind silk art

Kimonos of the highest quality as art.The skill of Japanese craftsmen makes each piece.

Silk sewn over time

The material used for the art is kimono silk.
It is sewn, dyed, and patterned over a long period of time.

Beautiful Kimono Patterns

The patterns in the artwork have a meaning of good luck, and it is customary in Japan to wear a kimono on important days in one's life.

The finest silk art

The artwork, with its various beautiful patterns, can be displayed anywhere and makes a great gift.

Sophisticated design

Kimonos are made with the highest quality silk and craftsmanship. Therefore, the price and value are very high.The art will be made of carefully selected vintage kimonos that are not available today.

Carefully selected frames

You can feel the warmth of wood.
[Wooden frame]
Lightweight and unbreakable
[Plastic frame]
The room becomes like a private exhibition.
[Aluminum frame]

Can be displayed anywhere.

High-quality art shines beautifully in the living room, bedroom, or wherever it is displayed.Would you like to give a one-of-a-kind artwork to someone special?

Customer Testimonials

  • I really love your kimono frame.
    It is very beautiful.

    USA Man
  • This is really beautiful. It is a gift for our 4th wedding anniversary.Silk is a traditional English gift.Thank you very much.

    United Kingdom Man
  • We immediately displayed it in our new house.
    It is just as I imagined, calm and elegant, and just looking at it makes me happy.
    I will cherish it. Thank you very much.

    Japan Woman
  • The actual piece has a different beauty and glamour than the beauty seen in the image.
    I was overwhelmed by the texture of the silk and the use of colors.
    It is so beautiful that I am wondering where to put it. Thank you very much for the wonderful work. I will treasure and cherish it.

    Japan Man
  • You were very kind and courteous.
    The work was very beautiful and the frame was a good match.

    USA Women
  • I love kimonos, so I am happy to be able to welcome them as works of art. Thank you so much for your faithful response to my frame request.
    Thank you very much. I will take good care of it.

    Australia Woman
  • We would like to pass on the traditional Japanese culture to many people without ceasing, and we would like people to be healed by seeing the special beauty of silk art in their daily life, and we would like to bring more happiness into your life.

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