About Frame

An essential part of the art is the frame.
Three types of frames are available to enhance the beauty of your artwork.

[Wooden frame]
This wooden art frame gives you the warmth of wood, allowing you to easily display your favorite artwork in it.The natural texture of the wood gently frames your artwork and makes your living room or entrance a comfortable space just by displaying it.



[Plastic frame]
Lightweight and unbreakable ZERO frame. The front panel is made of no glass, making it lighter than conventional picture frames and eliminating the risk of breakage. V-cut* wide matting on the slender frame enhances the art. *V-cut is a processing method to enhance the depth of the art by cutting the cross section of the middle cut at an angle.



[Aluminum frame]
This aluminum picture frame is ideal for exhibitions, etc.,

with its slim frame and wide mat that accentuates the artwork.
The frame with a sense of depth is made in Japan with high quality.The V-cut hollowing out process gives the frame more depth and enhances the artwork.

The carefully designed frame enhances the beauty of the place where it is displayed and makes the art shine.