In 1950, a small kimono shop was established in Sapporo.

"Kyo Gofuku Matsuya."

It was started by Mio Matsuya, my grandmother.

Purchasing was difficult, and unlike today, transportation was not as convenient.

I had to travel all over the country every day so that I could prepare good products for our customers.

Days went by when sales were slow, but my grandmother's kindness and humility began to be felt by those around her.

She still recalls the day she made her first sale.

She says she was so happy that day that she went home crying, not caring what people thought.

I want to bring excitement and smiles to our customers.

I am more than happy to hear “thank you” from customers.

Now, the passion of “Kyo-Gofuku Matsuya” has been passed on to his grandson as “Tanmono Matsuya,

The traditional Japanese culture called “Kimono” has changed its form as “KIMONO SILK ART” and is now being used in various ways as the new “KIMONO.

I would like to pass it on as a new “KIMONO” to various generations and countries.

I will continue my grandmother's wish and bring “excitement” and “smiles” to as many people as possible.

I would be very happy if I could have a good relationship with you all.